Hello world!

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I put this site up July 7, 2009. This post is “back-dated” because I edited the initial “Hello World!” posting.

It took 24 minutes to: run the “Simple Script” to install WordPress, edit this “Hello world!” post, and enter and format the post “WordPress heralds a new era …” — which talks about how easy it is to get a site ready to go. [The text of that post has moved to the page “Building Web Sites.”] Making this site live was a demonstration of how easy the process is.

I’m going to leave the Theme [basic look & feel of the site] as the default (based on “Kubrik”), and tweak the colors (green v blue).

By an hour or so in, I’d changed the sub-header, added categories & tags, changed the “permalink” structure, and modified what appears in the right-hand column of the home page, and more.

A day in, I’ve edited and added, starting to pull the site into better shape.

July 10 Friday: I want to keep this site looking like a new blog, with only a few posts — emphasizing what can be done quickly. So I’m making changes to the blog by adding pages (e.g., added “Northeast Kingdom” a day or two ago) and editing the three posts that are currently in the blog.

September: Start re-structuring info – move initial long post to a new page, add other new pages.