Free WordPress Resources

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The site Free Resources to Help You Build Your Next WordPress Site has links to lots of excellent resources for those building WordPress-based sites. The site on which this appears, SixRevisions, has lots more WordPress-oriented posts as well as many other posts relevant to web site design.

Brian Krogsgard has a site that is focused primarily on issues related to WordPress. One post of particular interest is on Go-to WordPress Resources.

More WordPress

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First, a survey at W3Techs of Content Management System usage – about 2/3 of sites use none. Of the others, WordPress is the leader by far, followed by Joomla, Drupal, and dozens of others.

On Kyle Jones’ Corkboard web site there’s a near hour-long video of an interview of Matt Mullenweg and Dries Buytaert (founders of WordPress and Drupal, respectively). They’re quite open about what they see as the strengths and weaknesses of the two platforms.

The Poynter Institute has posts comparing WordPress and Drupal. One titled “5 questions to ask when deciding whether to use Drupal or WordPress” discussing how two newspapers came to choose two different Content Management Systems. The comments have much additional information, and bring Joomla into the discussion. Another, titled “9 reasons to switch from Drupal to WordPress” discusses the reason the writer chose WordPress over Drupal.


Building with WordPress

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I’ve run into multiple sites related to WordPress. Some of the more interesting I’ve encountered recently are:

WP Candy – an active site with WordPress developers and users chiming in. It has news, opinion, tutorials, reviews, a forum and much more.

WP Questions – ask for short-term expert help with your WordPress questions

On Smashing Apps (free and unusual online resources for designers and developers), two posts: 21 Mindblowing Free Themes and 13 Plugins to speed up your Blog.