Free WordPress Resources

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The site Free Resources to Help You Build Your Next WordPress Site has links to lots of excellent resources for those building WordPress-based sites. The site on which this appears, SixRevisions, has lots more WordPress-oriented posts as well as many other posts relevant … Continued

More WordPress

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First, a survey at W3Techs of Content Management System usage – about 2/3 of sites use none. Of the others, WordPress is the leader by far, followed by Joomla, Drupal, and dozens of others. On Kyle Jones’ Corkboard web site … Continued

Viable System Model

I’ve replaced the Stafford Beer quote here previously with a longer quote from Platform for Change, written in 1975. The book has five different kinds of content, distinguished by five colors of paper (as well as the style and approach … Continued

Building with WordPress

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I’ve run into multiple sites related to WordPress. Some of the more interesting I’ve encountered recently are: WP Candy – an active site with WordPress developers and users chiming in. It has news, opinion, tutorials, reviews, a forum and much … Continued

File System structures

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This post deals with the fundamentals of how computer operating systems organize and reference files. The unix-derived world and the Gates-derived world handle things differently. With Windows, one can create shortcuts to a file in folders other than the file’s … Continued

Process Enneagram ™

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“Process Enneagram” is the phrase Dick Knowles uses to describe his approach towards applying the enneagram to guiding an organization. The organization being guided might be an individual or a corporation. I consider it a powerful tool that takes much study to use effectively.