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For people who (like me) remember faces better than names, I include a picture of Sigurd & Sigurd – me (L) and my father (R). Sig Sr. was born in Denmark, in a home named Solbakken – Sunny Slopes. The name has staying power – there’s a Lele (little) Solbakken near the original. My father’s “country spot” in PA is Solbakken II. My wife and I have named our VT home Solbakken North, and our business of nearly 20 years, Solbakken Technology Partners, which we’re closing (in process, late 2017).

Sigurd Jr & Sr in 2007

My wife Bonnie and I moved to Vermont full-time in 1998, to the home we bought earlier in the hilly and wooded outskirts of St. Johnsbury.

Bonnie and Sig at the Athenaeum
Bonnie and Sig at the St. Johnsbury Athenaeum

About this site

I picked the domain name for this site, SolVt, to indicate both our business (Solbakken) & its location (Vermont) and our approach to problems our clients bring us – Solve It.

Sigurd Andersen
Solbakken Technology Partners
572 Libby Road
St. Johnsbury, VT 05819
(802) 748-2877

Solbakken Technology Partners
Solbakken Technology Partners

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