I”m “mostly retired” these days, which means I still do some paid work in addition to personal projects and volunteering.

One of my specialties is custom databases using Microsoft Access. Customers have included NCIC (Northern Communities Investment Corporation), for whom I’ve developed a grant management tool, which will get some more reports this year. Lyndonville Electric manages their projects and some of their inventory using my work. I also made them a database that could run on a handheld and synchronize with a central Access database used to track site inspections. Maple Grove was glad to find someone local who could help them re-design an Access database they’d started to manage the inventory of maple syrup – incoming, stored, and used. One of my early Vermont projects was a database for a livestock auctioneer.

I’ve done lots with spreadsheets. I’ve used Visicalc, Lotus 1-2-3, and various other ancient programs, as well as Excel, which is what I use these days.

I’ve been doing more web sites recently, using WordPress. I helped Milarepa Center re-do their web site using WordPress so they could make changes and additions without having to rely on a tech wizard. As of Jan. 2018, a new WordPress site for sunray.org is live, replacing the former Weebly site. I built the site using the “pro” version of a theme for the first time, and am learning more about SEO as well.  Lots of constructive, active engagement with the Sunray leadership helped make this much better than it would have been without that involvement.

I’ve been using computers for over 50 years. I know how to use a wide variety of software well, and have provided tech support in schools and other environments. I’ve taught tech-oriented classes in schools and industry. I like a good challenge, if I have the time and inclination to tackle it.

If you might have a need for my skills, get in touch.

email: sigurd (at) solbakkn (dot) com.